Foodstuffs packaged at wholesale prices sufficient to feed a family of four for 2 weeks: N10,000

CarePak ‘Feed a Family’

On an average day, a great number of Lagosians can barely afford one square meal daily. This means that during this COVID-19 pandemic, many who survive on a daily wage will face hunger challenges, and find it hard to comply with the enforced lockdown and social distancing directive put in place to secure our collective health.

The escalation of this pandemic has proved that we are only as healthy as our wider community. Our duty, therefore, is to come together as ONE STRONG NIGERIAN FAMILY to ensure NOBODY goes hungry.

Join our CarePak initiative (As a Sponsor) and together we can deliver basic essential food items to a great number of vulnerable Lagosians so we can all patiently sit out the waiting period until the pandemic ends.

CarePak consists of rice (one and half paint), beans (one and half paint), gari (one and half paint), wheat (one paint), yam flour/elubo (four derica), palm oil (75cl), groundnut oil (75cl), ground melon/egusi (four cups), ground pepper (two cups), onions (10 pieces), salt – (one pack), maggi (27 pieces), spices (5 curry and 5 thyme sachets) in sufficient quantities to feed a family of four for at least a week.

To be a beneficiary, please call/Whatsapp