Our Referral System and Benefit

The Farm 2 Table solution is a cycle that brings the farm to the table (and table back to farm) in a well-organized system that gives you access to organic foods which are cheaper and sustainable.

Through this structure we seek to convert the $22billion (a whooping N8 trillion!) spent annually on food imports to creating jobs and economic advantage for millions of Nigerians.

You might wonder how this cycle benefits you? Below are benefits of this solution both for the farmer and consumers.

1: Monthly earnings: We share profits with you when you refer others. For every subscriber you bring on board, you get a little percentage with the opening ticket of minimum N5,000.00!

2: Farm investment: This little nugget comes later in your till after your earnings have accumulated, we build a Farm investment professionally managed for you (from 50% of your monthly earnings) from which you will also earn every six months. This serves to ensure a continuous flow of investment back to the farm for abundant healthy organic food production back to your table.

3: When you make a purchase with your user id at our outlets, your purchase is recorded in your cart for which is then calculated at the end of the month. When your monthly purchase is 5000 naira and above, your interest percentage is also calculated and distributed to your shopping wallet and farm investment.

Our Bonus Structure

When you introduce Farm2Table to at least 5 people within your circle of influence you earn monthly from our profit sharing system. You can introduce as many people as you desire. Every person you introduce after the first five will be placed in the empty spaces available at your lower generations. However, you will earn a matching bonus from every person directly introduced by you.

Watch your earnings grow as your network grows; and you also begin to earn residual income every six months from your professionally managed Farm investment.

What’s more, you will also be helping us to empower poor farmers in rural communities (from where we procure or produce your food) through our Farm2Table profit share system.Profit Sharing System

A 5 By 7 Profit Structure (case study)

Assuming the Company makes 10% net profit on every N5,000 worth of foodstuff compulsorily bought by a participant. The 10% margin (N500) is split in 10 places (N50). (Note that this is the expected minimum as most participants will likely buy much greater quantity for consumption). The profit generated from the volume of purchase by a buyer is divided into ten parts. Seven parts are distributed to the seven forerunners above the participant, one part to the person who introduced him or her to the market (in case of forced placement), one part as rebate to the farmer (or producer) and the last part to the buyer (final consumer).